The year is 1976. The first three books , starting with Fatal Snow, in the Harry Thursday series are the chronological story of the intrepid archaeologist’s adventures from his beginnings as a college professor at a small Colorado University. From there he is propelled into a tumultuous world of international smuggling and intrigue ending in a fight for his life during a blizzard in the remote mountains of Wyoming. In the next of the series, The Mask of Minos, Sara Webster of the BAR, pulls him from a vacation in Costa Rica to Bern, Switzerland, and on to Crete, simultaneously fleeing and pursuing the bad guys in search of the secret to the thirteenth century Crusader, Count Bruno’s island fortress. And finally, Harry finds his new home in the bucolic Greek island of Seprios, in Wish to Die, when he finds himself coming to the aid of a Russian art historian in need of an unlikely hero. Together they fight ex-Nazis and a retired Smersh agent in the search for the elusive Russian Amber Room.

 WISH TO DIE (2018)

The Greek countryside and a beautiful woman might seem like enough to satisfy most vacation plans, but the intrepid archaeologist Harry Thursday seems bereft of a good time if someone isn’t trying to kill him.

Overall, Wish To Die is an excellent adventure thriller worth 4 out of 4 stars. The plot and characters are strong and the editing is top-notch. I really enjoyed reading this book and highly recommend it to fans of archaeological adventure stories, especially those who like tales based on international intrigue rooted in Nazi activities during World War II.joshfree77,

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The Mask of Minos; Bruno’s Inferno (2016)

What would make a retired, independently wealthy archaeologist want to leave the comforts of his retreat in Costa Rica, join forces with an accountant from the Bureau of Audits and Reclamation, and fly to Europe in search of a mysterious relic with no foundation in reality, all while being chased by nefarious killers from a secret society older than Herodotus? Well, for starters, the accountant is coercive and, oh yes – she’s a knock-out.

Harry Thursday is used to getting what he wants.

The Mask of Minos is a quick read and can be easily enjoyed even by those that didn’t catch Walton’s first novel, Fatal Snow. Highly recommended for fans of Douglas Preston and James Rollins.” — Bella Wright (Best Thrillers).


“Bob Walton’s first novel is a well-written, action-packed thriller, with enough twists and surprises to keep you turning the page. I thoroughly enjoyed it.” — Carmen Finestra (Producer of Home Improvement).

Up next, Harry is called away from his current archaeological dig on Seprios, to help his long time confidant — and lover — Sara Webster, unravel the sudden appearance of Burmese rubies in the mountains of Flagstaff. The problem is, Burmese rubies are not found anywhere but Burma. And from the moment he arrives in Flagstaff, people start dying and disappearing. It’s a story of mendacity, and greed, of conflict between the Hopi Caretaker, Maasaw, and the godless progress, and ultimately of “Man’s inhumanity to man.”