Fatal Snow

This thrilling adventure follows archaeologist Harry Thursday and CJ, his female companion into the Mountains of Wyoming during a terrifying blizzard. Their only enemy is time. Oh, did I mention her murderous pimp?

Harry Thursday’s first adventure takes us back to 1976. Harry, an archaeologist, is on an expedition to find a tomb of an ancient Inca king in the Chilean Andes that ends with the discovery of a rich hoard of precious gems and artifacts, and the subsequent and sudden death of the team’s leader. On the way home, Harry and his wife, Nancy, are robbed of their find, and Harry finds himself alone on a troller bound for Panama after his beloved wife falls overboard during a heavy squall.

1978, trying to forget the violent death of his bride two years earlier, Harry and his friend Conner are on a camping trip in the wild mountains of north-west Wyoming. They come upon a bawdy house in the middle of nowhere. CJ, one of the girls, takes to Harry and sees him as a means of escape from her ill-chosen career. When Harry and Conner leave, she runs away with them, much to the angst of the pimp Skinny, who goes on a wild killing spree to bring her back.

Separated from Conner during a sudden blizzard, they must fend for themselves in the shadows of the Grand Teton Mountains. Wounded by Skinny, Harry battles an infection and fever, and it is up to CJ to find a cabin used by the hotel to entertain customers. While they wait for the storm to end, Harry discovers the real reason CJ is with him and why her pimp wants her back, and then it is only a matter of time before the final standoff between Harry’s destiny and his terrible past.

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