The Mask of Minos ~ Bruno's Inferno

The Mask of Minos opens during Germany’s doomed invasion of Russia in 1941, where two operatives reveal a massive cloak and dagger effort to possess a rare and powerful artifact. Given the book’s title, it’s no spoiler to reveal that they’re looking for one gnarly piece of headgear. Much like the Spear of Destiny, which was sought after by conquerors ranging from Constantine to Hitler, the Mask of Minos is said to make its bearer’s army invincible.

Only coercion, and a beautiful government agent, could force Harry out of retirement. This time to find the mythical Mask of Minos worn by the Minotaur over twenty-five hundred years ago. A mask worth a fortune, a mask that kills any who possess it, a mask that might just have started WWII.

“Harry Thursday has been in trouble before in Robert Walton’s first novel, Fatal Snow. Now THE MASK OF MINOS takes the reader through an allegoric story retelling Theseus’ journey to becoming the ruler of Greece. Along that path, he is besotted by enemies and finally battles the son of Zeus, ruler of Crete, father of the Minotaur – half-man, half-bull. With the aid of his patron god Poseidon, Theseus brings down the once mighty kingdom in a fiery earthquake, freeing all from its oppressive dominance. And so Harry Thursday battles the secret society known to only a few as the Hyperboreans in his attempt to find – and keep them from finding – the powerful mythical mask. This page-turner will keep the readers on their toes through to the end. For readers, who are already fans of Harry Thursday, this will quench their thirst of adventure and his quirky attitude.” – Serious Reading Magazine.

“The cinematic prose that elevated Walton’s first novel to uncommon heights are on full display here, as he deftly immerses us in treacherous European winters and an ancient castle in the Alps. While Walton delivers just enough backstory for the legend of the Mask itself, readers bringing ample knowledge of World War II history will get more out of the nuances of Walton’s plot and characterization.”

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