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Hidden Objects

What are we to make of this isolation we have imposed on ourselves, our collective selves, our lonely dying for social interaction selves?

Me personally?

I’ve read a ton of books, written half a novel, and started playing “hidden object games” on my cell phone. I’ve watched less news, nothing lost there and helped to increase the value of my Netflix stocks.

So here is my own version of hidden objects. In the photograph below Froggy, is surrounded by a plethora of things, twelve (12) of which I have listed below. See if you can find them. It shouldn’t be too hard.

Feel free to list them in an email. Happy Hunting.

A Turkish knife



Brass cup

gold bracelet

Genie lamp

The beach


A kaleidoscope

A pistol

The #12

Silver Coins

Easter Book Giveaway

It isn’t often I will promote other authors, but since these are from my own publisher I am making an exception. For this weekend, Good Friday, Saturday, and Easter Sunday, you can get a free copy of Fatal Snow, my first Harry Thursday Novel, on Kindle, by clicking the link below.