“The Bottom Line: Everything you hope for in an archaeology thriller – superstitious lore, Nazis and a spectacular historical artifact that breathes new life into the genre.” Bella Wright ~ Best Thrillers

The Adventures of Harry Thursday

A blizzard is coming – the murderer is here – and time is the enemy.

The Mask of Minos is a quick read, and can be easily enjoyed even by those that didn’t catch Walton’s first novel, Fatal Snow. Highly recommended for fans of Douglas Preston and James Rollins.

Harry Thursday finds his newest challenge – searching for stolen Nazi art. Trouble is . . . He’s not alone.

Next Up

While searching for things to use in her homemade jewelry, Hok`ee, a young Navajo woman stumbles onto a hidden deposit of refined rubies scattered in a cave at the foot of the O’Leary’s peak north of Flagstaff.

This innocent discovery unleashes a series of events, more cataclysmic than anyone involved could have imagined, and leads the intrepid archaeologist, Harry Thursday, from his peaceful home on the Greek island of Seprios, into the underworld of human greed and political corruption.

Together with Sunki, his beautiful Hopi guide, Harry discovers that like an iceberg, there is often more beneath the surface than above, and choosing the right path can be the difference between life and death.

Robert’s next novel has the working title “The Relentless Sun.”

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